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We design and install vertical, horizontal, and pond/lake geothermal systems, and have installed the majority of commercial, and institutional projects in the Chicago area, as well as numerous projects across the United States. Our business structure allows for design and installation across the globe.
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Choosing Geothermal over conventional HVAC systems

  • Increases value of building with 50% savings on energy bills
  • Geothermal heat pumps last longer, require less maintenance
  • Company leaders and public officials are being financially and environmentally responsible to investors, shareholders and taxpayers.

Geothermal Inc is the industry leader

  • We have overseen hundreds of large commercial and institutional projects over decades, from inception through design and installation to completion.
  • We are not limited by geographical location nor labor agreements.

Environmental Benefits

  • Ground source geothermal HVAC systems utilize the earth as a constant and perpetual energy source.
  • Four times more efficient than conventional HVAC systems means less impact on our environment.
  • No burning of fossil fuels.

Commercial Geothermal HVAC

Geothermal is a primary energy source. It is constant and does not change. It utilizes the constant temperature of the earth as its energy source and heat exchanger. 

Geothermal HVAC systems operate off of the utility power grid (electricity) utilizing the earth as its energy exchanger. Geothermal HVAC systems are typically four times more efficient than the most efficient VAV/HVAC systems.  Wind turbine and solar are good supplemental sources of power for a geothermal HVAC system.  Additionally, Life expectancy of the Geothermal/HVAC equipment is typically 50% longer than traditional high efficiency HVAC systems and requires far less maintenance, acknowledging that any system at this level and critical to operations and production will require diligence.

Geothermal vs Solar and Wind

Geothermal is the most efficient renewable energy approach with HVAC systems; it is considered a primary energy source.

Solar and wind turbine renewable energy applications are typically supplemental energy producing systems.  Meaning that the customer typically utilizes those entities as an added approach to supplement their electric consumption.  Although they may size solar and wind turbine systems in the hope that it will fulfill their needs, and actually provide energy into the “grid”, it is rare that a customer would be able to disconnect from a utility power source in its entirety.  The utility grid connection provides security in the event that the solar or wind turbine does not provide the power intended.  As solar and wind turbine systems are subjective to weather, and obviously solar only produces energy during daylight hours the result of design is affected by these variables. 

Institutional Heating And Cooling

Some of our projects include:

Pleasant Home, Oak Park | University of Missouri S & T 700 tons | University of Missouri Protoplex | Appleton Wisconsin Public Library | Willowbrook Forrest preserve 64 wells | Sherman Hospital | Fermi Lab | Argonne National Laboratory | 12th District Police Department, Chicago | Iowa State Penitentiary, Fort Madison | Petersen Elementary School, CPS | UIC College of Medicine, Rockford | UIC Lincoln Hall | UIC Grant Hall | Moraine Valley Community College | Dekalb County Outreach building | Shipshewana Visitors Center | Washington High School | Gail Borden Library, Elgin | College of DuPage | Tinley Park Metra Station | Forrest Park Metra Station | Grand Crossing Library, Chicago | Engine Company 16 Fire Station, Chicago | Center for Green Technology, City of Chicago | Southwest Area High School, CPS | 31st Street Marina, Chicago Park District | Senior Suites of Blue Island | Trinity Church, Shorewood | Kankakee Valley High School | Kankakee Valley Middle School | Homan Square, Shaw Center for Learning (Pritzker) | Near North Montessori, Chicago | Craughwell Elementary, Joliet, Illinois | Rochelle High School | Rochelle Elementary | Joliet Junior College, Main Campus | Joliet Junior College, Nursing School | South Beloit Middle School | Oregon Illinois Courthouse | Boone County Courthouse | Greenbrook Elementary School | Geneva Library | Lake Villa Library | Elizabeth Meyer Elementary | Entire School District, Sterling, Illinois | 4 schools Dixon, Illinois School District | Rolling Knolls Forest Preserve | Radio Flyer Factory, Chicago | Rosewood Beach Park, Highland Park, Illinois | St. Charles Nature Center | Humboldt Park Library, Chicago | Jesse Owens Fieldhouse, Chicago | Rend Lake Visitors Center | Shawnee Community College | College of Lake County College Science Building | College of Lake County Master Plan | College of Lake County Library | Skokie Courthouse, Illinois |
The following are required and must be vetted correctly for proper design and installation of a geothermal HVAC system:
  • Heating and cooling loads
  • Thermal Conductivity and diffusivity
  • Appropriate Installation process, vertical, horizontal, pond/lake
  • Loop Design/sizing
  • Equipment sizing
  • Distribution process sized and installed correctly
 If all or any of these items are not done correctly the system will not work properly.  Closed loop geothermal systems are designed around the cycling of seasons, for that reason design is critical.  Hybrid systems (combined with chillers, and boilers) reduce installation costs, and are frequently utilized.   
Recouping of installation and design costs vary depending on geological formations, the type of closed loop utilized for the specific project and available utility sources and project labor requirements. This time frame can be as quick as 2 years.
The Department of Energy currently has a program in place and is funded until 2032 allowing up to a 40% tax credit or grant issuance for the entire geothermal/HVAC system for commercial, residential, and industrial projects, including tax exempt and nonprofits.

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